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[CR 23]

rocket: gas propelled launching device (AKA "no name") is CU InSpace's entry in the 2023 Spaceport America Cup 30,000 ft COTS Solid competition. "no name" is the first vehicle ever produced by Carleton University to break the sound barrier clocking an impressive Mach 1.4 at launch.

The airframe is a blank slate design featuring a fully redesigned dual ejection dual deploy recovery system, custom carbon fibre nosecone and fin can and filament wound carbon fibre body tubes. It launched using a 6 grain XL Cesaroni O3400 motor boosting it to an apogee of 24 850 ft. above ground level. 

This is the first fully successful rocket CU InSpace has produced with a nominal launch, landing and recovery with cosmetic damage. The rocket placed 5th in the 30k COTS category and 36th overall at the 2023 Spaceport America cup. The team was also awarded the Nancy Squires Team Spirit Award for their enthusiasm throughout the competiton. 


2023 Spaceport America Cup


30 000 ft COTS

Mass - Empty

27.3 kg (60.3 lbs)

Mass - Loaded

39.28 kg (86.5 lbs)


3.70 m (12 ft 2 in)


0.159 m (6.25 in)


Cesaroni Pro98 O3400


Launched and Recovered

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